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Stand Up To Trump Statement:

It is deeply regrettable that Theresa May is determined to press ahead with according US President Donald Trump a state visit, ignoring the views of millions of British people.

Racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, sexism, misogyny,  homophobia, war mongering, climate change denial, attacks on human rights or policies that will deepen poverty and inequality should not be rewarded or celebrated by our government.

Most people in Britain want no part of it. We will continue to oppose this state visit – it is not in our name.


Organisations supporting Stand Up to Trump include:

• Abortion Rights • Alliance for Free Movement • Campaign Against Climate Change • Communication Workers Union • Day-Mer • Friends of Al Aqsa • Friends of Ecuador • Momentum • Morning Star • Muslim Association of Britain • Muslim Engagement and Development • National Assembly of Women • National Union of Teachers • People’s Assembly Against Austerity • Rainbow Coalition • Stand Up To Racism • Stop the War Coalition • Unite the Union • University and College Union • Venezuela Solidarity Campaign • Woodcraft Folk